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Dr Steve BirchakDr. Bird uses humor, research, and personal reflection to examine our most common reactions to change, tension, and stress in today’s high-pressure world.  Using hilarious examples, research, and anecdotes he offers audiences real-life skills and solutions for dealing with the most difficult situations and people.  Even the most difficult audiences have remarked how they leave his presentations a little lighter, a little happier, and with a little less baggage.  “It’s not a crisis! It’s an inconvenience!” has become the workplace motto for many of the groups who have heard Dr. Bird.  Dr. Bird is partners with businesses, corporations, conferences, and school districts to deliver tailor-made keynotes, workshops, and programs.

Dr. Bird was honored with the 2015 New York State Champion of Character Award, and the 2015 “Friend of Education” award by The School Administrator’s Association of New York. Dr. Bird clings to the strong belief that our generation’s greatest legacy is to tap into our human dignity and reconnect our sense of human worth. In a world filled with fear, paranoia, anger, and resentment, he believes that our greatest challenges are not in education or technology but in human relations and the need for a revolution of kindness, compassion, and human character.

Dr. Bird can get an audience moving like no other speaker you’ve heard. He hits all of our nerves by touching our soft side, our funny bone, and our spirit. Dr. Bird’s background as a professor, author, parent, college coach, and speaker merge together for high energy and a memorable experience. Over the years he has delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences with a polished delivery, attention to details, and an entertaining style. Each audience leaves with much more than they came with. His genuine passion consistently results in top–notch reviews and numerous return engagements.