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Welcome to Dr. Bird’s free Online Professional development Course!  Below are the introductions to the units, the study questions, and the links to online videos that go with the course.  If you are working with a school district and you need to document your Professional Development Hours, there are options in which you can take a 5, 10, or 15 hours of professional development (depending on whether you are doing the course alone or in study groups).

Thanks for checking in!  Hope you enjoy it!

Build a Child’s Character

With The Five Golden Rules for Staying Connected to Children

Introduction – Professional Development

Unit 1 – Introduction and Fundamentals

Unit 2 – Fundamentals 2, 3, 4

Unit 3 – Golden Rule #1

Unit 4 – Golden Rule #2

Unit 5 – Golden Rule #3

Unit 6 – Golden Rule #4

Unit 7 – Golden Rule #5